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yogaYoga means union. Radiant health becomes possible when we experience our body, mind, and spirit operating synergistically as a unified whole.

Energy flows freely and we experience our natural vibrancy. Yoga helps us to reconnect with our essential self and the wisdom that lies deep within.

The gifts of yoga are a strong, supple body and a calm, clear mind and heart. When we discover how to tune into our natural wisdom, we easily see what will bring us health.

Living Yoga is a Journey to Wholeness

A state of steady awareness is cultivated by keeping the mind focused on the controlled breath, which leads the body’s movements, and from this place the student can access his or her natural inner state of peace and joy. The movements are slow, and the student learns to deepen the breath and slow the breathing rate, bringing about many health benefits.

yogaCombined with a diet of natural foods, the benefits are truly magnificent! You can expect to experience new clarity of mind and emotional equilibrium, and a sense of lightness, strength, energy and vitality beyond what you’ve known.

Living Yoga’s weekly classes are held in the intimacy of our unique, round studio on five beautiful acres on the edge of Ann Arbor. Classes are kept small, and foster one-on-one attention and a safe and supported experience of personal growth and community building. Classes are appropriate for men and women of beginning and intermediate levels. Yoga is also an integral part of all of our New Living Retreats.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Improve overall strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Reduce pain and fatigue, and mobilize joints
  • Manage stress and reduce anxiety
  • Promote a healthy heart rate and improved sleep
  • Gain confidence and greater inner peace and sense of well being

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