Success Stories

My week-long retreat with Ellen Livingston, who has found and is a living example of true vibrant health, was an absolutely priceless experience. Not only was I able to eat 80/10/10 for a week and feel truly wonderful, nourished, and satisfied, but I realized that it is about so much more than just what I eat. It is one thing to read about something or to hear about it from those who practice it, but it wasn’t until I went on the retreat and was able to fully experience it myself that I made the connection of how important so many other elements of health are.
I learned so much from Ellen about the 80/10/10 lifestyle, natural hygiene, how to prepare food, and recieved amazing yoga and fitness instruction as well as numerous tips on continuing the process after I returned home to my family. Ellen’s wisdom and counseling helped me come to some breakthrough self-realizations about my true hopes and desires and enabled me to see the possibilities of what I can achieve. She has a wonderful gift of bestowing her knowledge to others in a most helpful and non-judgemental way.
Going on a retreat with Ellen must be one of the quickest ways to experience and catapault one’s self forward on the path to true vibrant health. I plan to do everything I can to go on another retreat with Ellen in the future as it was one of the best growth experiences I have had in my entire life. ~Amy Brainard
You are a true inspiration and pioneer to health. -Kirsten Blok
I just received your book. I am really loving reading it. You’re such an amazing person! I love how the book is inspiring and uplifting, yet still gives the necessary information in a way that’s organized, simple and enjoyable to read. I also really appreciate how there’s not an ounce of “I-vs-thou” / pompousness like sometimes I see in books I read. This book is great, thank you again.  -Brian Greco
Ellen’s own example and willingness to work with each individual at the exact place that  she finds him/her is highly effective and inspiring…not on just the raw foods but with the wonderful and  powerful yoga that she has practiced and developed to her own personal style as an aid to health, poise and strength. Her yoga classes are somewhere in between dancing, breathing, stretching, aerobic meditation, and well….sometimes just torture…but later you are always glad you went and can feel the positive changes made. She can push classes and individuals to the limit in order to achieve more freedom and ease in movement, but never beyond. Her intuitive feel for each of our needs made these yoga classes the best! There were so many great moments I don’t have time to talk about everything….the  gorgeous woods, wildlife, the group discussions, color/art therapy  and magnificently prepared whole organic raw foods were stellar!  Thanks Ellen and Billy for all your hard work!   -Kathy Nathan.
You really “rocked” at the Rawfest this past Sunday.  I was so moved by your speech and i could feel that i wasn’t the only one feeling this.  Your down to earth approach is something that has touched my heart and soul.nThank you for your support and kindness, -Jeanette Raniszeski
I loved your “Flying Lessons” talk!  I played the dvd already tonight 3 times! Blessings, Roz Nessell
Just watched your Flying Lessons dvd. I had tears running down my face when you spoke of your dream. I love your honesty and authenticity. You are awesome!  -Your Flying Lesson Student, Jeanette Raniszeski
I think of you every day and am thankful that you were the person that led me on my raw food journey.  Almost four years.  It amazes me daily how much better I feel each and every day. Thanks for being in my life. You are one of my angels.  -Judy Smith
You have a powerful energy to share your happiness and love of life. It’s obvious to me you are more than just encouraging people to be their best; you are also giving the best of yourself and we need that these days. -Charles Jones
My doctor is amazed at my great lab results, lowered HbA1c, and insulin sensitivity and low pump basal rates that he has never seen before.  He can’t believe how many carbs I eat from fruit and giggles as he asks if I am still a “fruitarian”, but he can’t dispute the results!  I have much better energy and feel totally satisfied, unlike when I tried a low-fruit, high-fat raw vegan diet. -Tasha Rouse, Type 1 Diabetes
Since starting this diet, I’ve experienced monumental changes to my health and appearance. My insulin sensitivity has gone way up, And I’ve been able to reduce my insulin intake my half. I’ve lost 10lbs, my skin has cleared, and my senses have become stronger. I train Brazilian Ji Jitsu three times a week, and my energy level is almost off the charts; where I’d be exhausted around hour two, I can now train almost without end. -Jeremy Mack
I LOVE the visual you gave of a kitchen orchard. I am all over it. Looking forward to seeing you again and having you for a yoga teacher again. Bob and I just bought more fruit than ever before today. 🙂  I feel sooo happy Ellen.  Thank you for being you and doing what you do. -Cindy Hudson
I need to tell you that I had a really strong visual after our last mentoring session – I was in a boat all by myself steering the rudder. There were all kinds of rocks and some stormy weather to my sides but I knew that if I could stay the course and navigate my way around all of that it would be calm, peaceful and beautiful water ahead of me. I feel like that’s what your guidance is allowing me to do…so I really want to thank you for everything. -Amy Brainard
Ellen presents herself with powerful beliefs that dissolve apprehensions and allow our intrepid nature to shine through.  Mentoring with her has both opened my heart to previously undiscovered possibilities and given me focus to work with the appropriate issues. Her genuine compassion and ease at building a rapport have encouraged an ability to look at life more lovingly and honestly than before.  Making progress with transitions both desired and feared, I am developing a new sense of trust and fun in the process!  I feel incredibly grateful to receive her support.  -Michelle Camilleri
It has been a pleasure working with you. I am very thankful for what I have achieved in the last couple of months, and for your help along the way. I have a long journey ahead of me, but i am traveling at full speed. Thank you so much for being part of the journey, and for shedding light on dark corners of doubt and desperation. -Manuela Hutter
Ellen is a wonderful instructor – passionate about the material.  I felt free to ask questions.  She knows her material backwards and forwards, and has a lot of energy!  She is living what she instructs – you can see it in her actions and lifestyle. -Cindy Gomez
After taking Ellen’s 80/10/10 class, you will have much greater control over your life, because you will 1) fully understand the path to optimal health, 2) learn what the tools are that make this path easy, 3) learn how to lose unwanted weight, if you have any, and most importantly you will see that you can eliminate unwanted symptoms by addressing the root causes of why you have symptoms of dis-ease.  I think what Ellen and the other Natural Hygienists are teaching is essentially “internal environment optimization.”  Words cannot express the joy I feel in being one of the lucky few to have found Ellen Livingston. -Heather Shirley
What I like most is the flexibility and love that Ellen puts into each and every class. Ellen is accepting of all her students no matter where they are on their journey. I am now 100% raw and loving the way I feel! –Judy Smith
The fact that Ellen personally knows the major raw health leaders: Doug and  Rozi Graham, Don Bennett, Frederic Patenaude, and others is really very exciting!  I loved how Ellen shared her resources and personal experiences so readily.  I appreciated how she interacted with people, turning questions with a negative aspect into answers with a positive aspect – this was very enlightening to me.  I thought she was very nonjudgmental and encouraging to everyone. – Karen McKendry
Dear Ellen, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and took away from this winter’s raw retreat in Florida. It was just what I needed! Inspiration, motivation, delicious raw meals, warmth, sunshine, new like-minded friends and most of all a gentle, knowledgeable teacher who exudes health and walks the talk of living life to its healthy fullest! I returned from Florida refreshed and renewed, feeling as though I had been given all the necessary tools to live and love a healthy lifestyle. I have you to thank for that great gift. Blessings, Lee Jenkins
I really appreciate all the knowledge that you share, and all the seminars you spend your time giving. You have really helped me in my quest for true health. Everyone one else in the raw food world is so hard to follow, with all their juicing and sprouting and whatever else they do. Your teachings are so easy to follow and understand, and your recipes are so delicious!! Thank you for the newsletters too, I look forward to them, they are a ray of sunshine to me! Thank you for everything, I really appreciate you! Gratefully yours, Gabriela Gomez
The retreat was very special. It was great to do yoga at the lake every morning. I was detoxing, my frozen shoulder ached and felt like just sleeping, but the thought of meditating with yoga at that lake was too irresistible to stay in bed. I think you are just great to inspire us this way. You are a true inspiration and pioneer to health. – Kirsten Blok
Ellen’s 30-day raw program is a must for those embarking or continuing on their raw food path!   It is encouraging and comforting to be able to connect with other individuals who are on many different stages of the journey.  I enjoyed every aspect, from the amazing food to the relaxed and supportive environment, to the more intimate mentoring that Ellen is able to provide in a small group setting. I am continually impressed by Ellen’s knowledge and expertise on what we go through when we’re detoxing and changing our lifestyles, which is invaluable when making the commitment to stay raw for 30 days.  I am so grateful that Ellen has chosen to share her knowledge in this way. -Julie Pfitzenmaier
The 30-day raw food challenge was an entry point to a beautiful journey which led to higher awareness, improved health and amazing skin! -Rita Conroy-Martin
Ellen’s class helped me to understand why I needed to change the way I was eating.  It all made perfect and logical sense.  I couldn’t deny the truth of what I hadn’t yet learned about how to feed my body, mind, and soul. -Sue Calderone
Great group! I loved the dinner/class format. And the last night was powerful, to say the least! Veils were lifted and the spirit flowed. We reached the level of intimacy needed for true revelation. Very powerful and beautiful. Thank you for the poems and all that you give. -Tillie Whitt