My Personal Journey

All of my life I have known myself as a Truth seeker, and I have always loved to share my discoveries with others. My passion for true health creation began as I approached age twenty and experienced my own previously “good” health begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

my journey 8For years, following a ski accident which left one knee in shatters, I suffered from a seemingly endless array of symptoms, including migraine headaches, TMJ, depression, insomnia, debilitating back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and severe chronic reflux. Various drugs were prescribed to me by different kinds of doctors. The medications all came with unpleasant “side effects,” and left me feeling detached from my true self.

Intuitively I felt a body-mind connection, and I also realized the importance of an appropriate diet. I hungered for information that made real sense, and I began to read voraciously about health and nutrition while in college. As my search led me deeper, I found yoga.

my journey 1Yoga became a lifeline for me, and though it would be many years before I had command of a consistent practice, I gained much insight into my Self, my body, my emotional and spiritual life, and the awesome power of mind mastery. I have always been athletically inclined, and yoga also met this need in a form that felt safe and fulfilling.

Diet was another story . . . I tried every healthy sounding dietary possibility I came across, and while I would often experience brief improvements in my symptoms, they would inevitably return or crop up in a new form. I began to lose hope of ever figuring out how to eat right. I received treatments from all sorts of alternative healers, but I was never fully able to heal.

Then in 2002, I learned of a natural, uncooked diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. After nearly 20 years of nutrition study, and as many years of suffering, the first book I read about a raw diet gave me the biggest “aha” moments of my life . . . I knew I had found some real answers, some core truths I was seeking. The very next day I adopted a raw vegan diet, and I have never turned back because I love the benefits so much.

my journey 5Mine has been an exciting and adventurous path, and not always an easy one. Yet with each step, I have felt more vibrantly alive on every level, and this always keeps me going. I have spent years weeding through all the available information and stumbling through many teachings before finding the people whom I would choose to trust as my guides. I could see that they had truly mastered what I wanted: they walked their talk with radiant success! There are many potential pitfalls when learning how to live a healthy, natural, vibrant and authentic lifestyle today, and I discovered that qualified expert guidance is essential.

Today I enjoy a healthy raw lifestyle and a strong personal yoga practice. As my long held dreams come into living color, I delight daily in a level of vibrancy previously unimaginable to me. I invite YOU to walk (or joyously bound along!) this path of liberating, exhilarating, abundant health, wellness, and dream creation with me.

I can help you to get in touch with what it is that you really want, and walk you through the transformative journey of facing your fears, navigating “obstacles” with grace, and becoming the person who you need to be to live the life you’d love to live.

my journey 3My professional credentials include a master’s degree in counseling, specialized in Art Therapy, Registered Yoga Teacher certification with the National Yoga Alliance, and Raw Nutritional Science training from internationally renowned raw food and fitness teachers, Dr.Doug Graham and Professor Rozalind Gruben Graham. I embody more than twenty years of independent research on the topics of health and nutrition, my own personal experience adhering to a raw vegan diet since 2002 and mentoring others since 2007, commitment to a personal yoga practice, and the knowledge gained from traveling the country and beyond to numerous workshops and training events in the complementary fields of life mentoring, dream building, raw food nutrition, yoga, physical fitness, and sustainable living practices.

My other passions include – growing food, flowers, and community, exploring creative building projects, bicycling, hiking, traveling, making art and music, meditation and yoga in our magical 30′ yurt, and playing in the tropical waterfalls, oceans and jungles of Costa Rica as often as I can.

Join me on the adventure the Costa Ricans call, “La Pura Vida,” or The Pure Life!