Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive. Because the world needs more people who have come alive. I heard this said and realized that one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “What would I love?” Because when you allow that which you love to lead you, you align with your authentic self and you begin to fall in step with the life you are meant to live. A greater, freer, fuller life. You are more and have more – way more – than you see or know. The only thing between you and a life you love is your current thinking. As your Life Coach, I can help you tap into your full health and life potential.

It’s a Transformational Journey

I invite you to step in with both feet and discover how to put yourself in harmony with a life you love.

Our Living Heart Mentoring Program will help you ask yourself the right questions. Together we will interrupt old limiting thought and behavior patterns, and replace them with a powerful new operating system. Everyone has a dream, but most people lack the health, the confidence, and the support to put it into motion.

What if you found out that negative thoughts that have been holding you back were simply not true? What if you were to realize that being “realistic” has cost you everything you long for that is not yet yours? Where you place your attention has everything to do with what you see, and what you create. I will show you how to attract that which you truly want in your life. The system works for those who work it. And the right support, at the right time, makes all the difference. This is your life, and this is your time.

Discover a Better You…

  • Learn how to safely detoxify your body
  • Balance your mind and emotions with a natural diet
  • Discover how to reach your true health potential
  • Effectively articulate your dreams and let them come true
  • Realize the power of yoga and meditation, and develop a regular practice
  • Make a quantum leap forward in your health and your life

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Going on a retreat with Ellen must be one of the quickest ways to experience and catapult one’s self forward on the path to true vibrant health. I plan to do everything I can to go on another retreat with Ellen in the future as it was one of the best growth experiences I have had in my entire life. ~Amy Brainard